They Might Be Giants - Here Comes Science

>> Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We're back from Dragon*Con with a ton of photos to post - but right now I just have to mention the album that has been bouncing through my head for days. Here Comes Science - the newest from They Might Be Giants. We downloaded this right before our trip and listened to it several times on the way to Atlanta.

It. Is. Awesome.

TMBG already showed their talent for catchy science tunes with Why Does the Sun Shine? and Mammal, but they have really outdone themselves this time. I LOVE science is real - the song and the video with the cute retro-style kids. I learned a ton (too much really - shouldn't I have learned this is school?) from The Bloodmobile. Meet the Elements is terrific - and I'm kind of a geek about the periodic table so that video made me very happy too. And Why Does the Sun Really Shine? A wonderful follow-up to Why Does the Sun Shine? with updated information from the last few decades of scientific research. The sun is actually NOT a "mass of incandescent gas" it's a "miasma if incandescent plasma" which - I learned - is a fourth state of matter in addition to the solid/liquid/gas we all learned about in school. Awesome. And I defy you to listen to Electric Car and NOT have it stuck in your head for days - it's that catchy. And the video is beautiful - all lovely animated torn paper collage. Here's the video. . .go on - watch it!

Isn't that gorgeous? Now check out this video showing how they made it.

Wow. They really are the Schoolhouse Rock of Jo's generation. What's next? Maybe an album about the presidents? They've got one done already - the fabulous James K. Polk.


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