DragonCon 2009 Pics - Part Three

>> Monday, September 21, 2009

You can always find great sci-fi themed costumes at DragonCon, and this year was no exception:

This poor robot had a cup in hand--that was attached to a change sorter. We saw the guy who owned him collecting change from it. He was making a killing!

Star Trek costumes had been waning of late, but the new movie saw a reboot in Original Series costumes...

...including Captain Pike! This poor fellow sat by the escalators all night, communicating only with a beeping red light on his wheelchair. Somebody get this guy back to Talos IV!

And check out this Scotty! No, it's not James Doohan, but dang if he couldn't pass for him!

There are always plenty of Klingons around too.

But this is the first time we've seen First Mate Piggy from Swinetrek!

There were a great many homebrew bounty hunters this year...

...including a young bounty hunter in training...

...and there are a growing number of R2 units from the R2-D2 Builders Group--one of Jo's favorite places to hang out.

There's always a bunch of Jayne hats floating around...

...but this Kaylee dress took the cake!

These Alien space suits were immaculate, and well-deserving winners in the Friday Night Costume Contest. Just amazing detail on these suits. Like they walked out of the movie.

Let the wookiee win!

A couple of biker scouts mix things up among the hundreds of stormtroopers that always represent well.

But our favorite might have been this Mighty Mugg version of Chewie!

And this was a hall costume only--it never appeared in either of the costume competitions. Come on, people, get those costumes in the shows! More people need to see them!

One last round to go--random photos from around the con...


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