What I Did on Your Summer Vacation: Part III

>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer is winding down so maybe it's time for me to finally post some pictures from the third camp I taught. This one was called Sewing for Softies and it was AWESOME. I had 13 kids and didn't want to have them all waiting in line for the sewing machine, so I decided this class would be all hand-sewing. We started with a simple skirt that could be designed to fit any doll or stuffed animal. This taught them the basic skills of sewing a hem, a seam, and a casing for elastic - and also gave them a blank slate for embellishment, if they wanted to add any. Check out the fabulous beading on the skirt above!

That was the only project that EVERYONE did. I showed most of them how to make a simple pillowcase-style dress.
Two girls had a sleepover planned for one day after class, so they decided to make nighties for their dolls.
Other than that - the sky was the limit. They decided what they wanted to make and I helped them. There were a couple of fabulous dresses. . .

. . .and, of course, lots of terrific accessories like this hat. . .. . . this beaded scarf. . .. . . and these slippers.Jo decided that what Wedge needed most of all was a purple tutu.
This is just the tiniest fraction of the things the girls made. It was a really terrific class and I think it may be the subject of my next book. These kids were so eager to make clothes for their dolls and stuffed animals and there are NO resources out there that I was happy with. I think a book that teaches some basic sewing skills and how to design and make some basic clothes (with fun embellishment ideas, of course - they REALLY enjoyed the beading) might be just what they need.
Happy end of summer everyone!


tanita davis August 12, 2009 at 2:36 PM  

PLEASE, pleasepleaseplease do a sewing book on this class! My sister makes doll outfits like this, but uses safety pins, etc. to put them together. I would love for her to get the idea that she could handsew something small for a doll and then think of something big for herself. How cool!

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