Ivy Tenderpaw: Mouse Poet

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday night is Game Night here at Gratz Industries - and for the last couple of weeks we've been playing Mouseguard - a fun roleplaying game appropriate for kids. Each "episode" begins with one player recounting what happened in last week's adventure. This week Jo decided to do that in poem form - and what an awesome poem it was. . .For those who don't read six-year-old, here's a translation. . .

Spring Is Here

Spring is here.
What a good time of year.
Flowers are blooming.
Heading for Sprucetuck and delivered the mail
And most importantly, Duke is in jail
Because he stole sixteen sacks of grain
And paid someone to sabatoge chairs.

by Ivy (Jo's character)

She worked on this this morning while I was at work, and Alan said his only contribution was to help her spell "importantly" when she asked him. Fabulous! I have to say - she has totally surprised me with how well she's been playing. I knew we were in for a treat the first time we played and she pretended to sneeze while crawling through a dusty storage attic. A natural gamer!


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