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>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Via Gwenda Bond's blog, I was reminded of Wordle, a fabulous, fun, and free way to generate word clouds with any text--even a novel. Here's the word cloud for the first draft of Fantasy Baseball, my latest project. (Click the image to see it larger.) I'm currently working on the second draft (well, actually I'm playing with Wordle when I should be working on the second draft) and besides being neat visually, this word cloud is actually somewhat helpful in thinking about where the story needs to go.

Alex and Dorothy are main characters, so of course they get more representation. Toad's next up--he's a big character too, though not so big as Alex and Dorothy. But where's the villain in there? Wolf, as in Big Bad, is in there, but it's tiny. That says a lot. That was one of Editor Liz's notes on the first draft too--we need to see more of the villain. That's one of the many things I'm focusing on with this draft. It will be interesting to do a word cloud of the second draft, once it's finished, and see what new words take prominence. I have a feeling the word "cleats" will also show up more in the next cloud...

But of course, to see that I would have to finish the second draft, which is what I'm off to work on. Toodles!


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