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>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've finally (finally!) got my new website (mostly) finished. I'm especially excited to be able to offer prints of my embroidered work - it allows me to sell really meticulous handwork at prices even I can afford. :-)

I'm also excited that all of my PDF patterns (big files with lots of step-by-step photos) will now instantly download after checkout - you don't have to wait for me to e-mail a file to you and hope that it doesn't jam up your inbox. Nothing like instant gratification!

I'll have the originals of most of my embroidered work available as soon as I finish framing them - hopefully this weekend. In the meantime - through the end of April I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on all prints to Gratz Industries readers. Just enter the discount code GRATZINDUSTRIES at checkout and the shipping charges will magically disappear. Really - it's like magic!

Oh - and one more thing. I still have my Etsy shop open but I'm so happy about the things that E-junkie offers (like discount codes and instant downloads) that I'm hoping this will become my main shop. That means I don't pay an Etsy commission anymore, but I'm making up for it by giving 10% off the top of every purchase to a charity. Right now it's all going to the Heifer Project, but I'm going to start giving to Habitat for Humanity and the local animal shelter as well. If you make a purchase and have a preference for where your donation goes - please just send me a note.

Have a great day everyone!


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