Superman: Not-So-Last Son of Krypton

>> Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lois Lane: Lois Lane here, with world-famous hero Superman. Supes--can I call you Supes?

Superman: Sure, Lois.

Lois Lane: Supes, your backstory is pretty well known at this point. Your home planet of Krytpon was destroyed, but you alone were saved, sent to Earth in a rocket ship. Is that right?

Superman: That's right, Lois.

Lois Lane: You must feel pretty special, you being the only Kryptonian left in the universe.

Kara Zor-El: Hey! Don't forget about me!

Lois Lane: Oh, that's right! Supergirl!

Alura: And her mother.

Lois Lane: And Superboy.

Superman: He's just half-Kryptonian!

Lois Lane: And Power Girl.

Superman: She's from an alternate version of Krypton.

General Zod: I'm from Krypton.

Lois Lane: Yes, Zod and the rest of the Phantom Zone criminals!

Superman: Now wait a minute--

Dev-Em: I'm from Krypton too.

Lois Lane: What about Mon-El?

Mon-El: Well, I'm really a Daxamite, but I was with Superman's father on Krypton before it exploded.

Lois Lane: And there's Brainiac.

Superman: He's a robot!

Lois: And Krypto, the superdog.

Krypto: Arf!

Lois Lane: And Beppo, the supermonkey.

Beppo: Eep!

Lois Lane: Oh, and the bottle city of Kandor.

Kandorians: Hello!

Lois Lane: And Argo City.

Arogisians: 'ello!

Lois Lane: And the new Superwoman.

Karsta War-Ul: You can call me Kristen Wells.

Lois Lane: And let's not forget your foster son, Christopher Kent. He's the son of General Zod born in the Phantom Zone, but that makes him Kryptonian.

Christopher Kent: Hey pop.

Superman: Hey, son.

Lois Lane: So, I guess you're not so special after all, are you Supes?

Superman: No. No, I guess not.


Dahlia April 2, 2009 at 5:00 PM  

I never really got why everyone liked Superman so much. Supergirl is sooo much cooler. :)

azzulviolet April 1, 2010 at 7:39 AM  

superman never die in my heart, but i like your blog

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