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>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Funny find of the day: Darth Vader on Twitter.

Yes, even the Dark Lord of the Sith has succumbed to the internet's biggest craze. Seeing as he has more than *60,000* followers, you may have already felt his Force choke. If not, here are some of his best recent tweets:

Wondered why the weekly intelligence briefings had stopped. Turns out I've been watching episodes of The Clone Wars. Someone will pay.

Curse those stupid Sand People & what they did to mom. I can't even enjoy the beach without breaking out in hives.

I am altering the oatmeal. Pray I don't alter it further.

Was scheduled to destroy a small rebel enclave this morning but I overslept. Internal chronometer didn't reset. R&D will pay dearly.

Still waiting for my call-back from the Dancing With The Stars people. Something tells me it's not coming, which is unfortunate. For them.

feel a tremor in the Force. No, actually it was just my special lunch burrito. My bad.

The bad news is we had to let go of about 8,000 clone troopers today. The good news is it really only counts as 1.

Flight attendant told me to turn off my "electronic devices". One mind trick later, I'm still breathing. The same can't be said for her.

If you're stinging from the BSG spoilers on Twitter, maybe this will take some of the edge off - I am Luke's father.

Suffice it to say, I now follow Lord Vader.


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