Happy Monday!

>> Monday, March 23, 2009

I've been working at the local high school today (and away from my computer) so I'm a little late with my Happy Monday wishes. But I've got a great site for you! Check out Feed Your Soul - a wonderful project cooked up by Jen at Indie Fixx. Jen has rounded up some wonderful artists and together they're giving away free downloads of the artists' work for you to print out, hang up, and enjoy whenever you like. The newest artist is Mandy Sutcliffe of Belle & Boo. I just love her style - at first glance it looks like vintage children's book art - which I love. But there's a freshness to it that's so contemporary - and the two aspects together are just terrific.

So go to Feed Your Soul and download this print - and then go to Belle & Boo and enjoy. Happy Monday!
By the way - at the high school I got to paint! And instead of just doing my usual textured papers to cut up for collages (though I did some of those too) I also painted some actual pictures. I've always been intimidated by painting so this was kind of a big step for me. Even when I took art classes all through high school I stuck with things like ceramics and graphic arts - avoiding scary painting whenever possible. I may even show some of my work when it's dry and I bring it home. Maybe. . .


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