Snow Day!

>> Friday, January 9, 2009

I've lost track of how many snow days we've had so far. This one was especially nice. I woke up to a quiet house with heavy snow falling. I worked at the computer and watched the snow build up on the deck as it got light. Everyone else slept in and I got a lot done on my new website.

I made up a fresh batch of granola and we ate it warm from the oven for breakfast. Yum!
Then I put Jo to work shoveling the deck. Look at that awesome hat made by my talented sister! She's working on an Etsy shop now and when it's up and running I'll be posting a link.
The only water Jo was allowed was what she could lick off the glass. . .

but she didn't hold that against me. She gave me a nice smile while she showed off the Lego ship she made. I think that's an arboretum on the top deck. Now she aspires to make a spaceship that uses every Lego piece she owns. I also overheard her and Alan planning to mod some basic Lego guys to turn them into Justice League characters. I think I'll have to horn in on that project - it sounds like fun.
And what did Alan and I do all day - besides take pictures of Jo? Alan finished the first draft of Nemo on Wednesday so he worked on reading it yesterday. I put on my new iPod shuffle and sewed and sewed and sewed. Bliss! I was mostly doing prep work for a bunch of different projects so nothing finished to show, but I have a stack of three things just waiting for some handwork in front of the fire. I can't wait!


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