The Gift of Time

>> Saturday, November 1, 2008

This weekend I got an unexpected bunch of TIME. What a delightful surprise! Today I was supposed to take a few kids to the ACC craft show in Charlotte, but all had plan changes, had to work, or were sick. So it was a bummer not to go to the show, but boy did I use my time well. I got some more of the endless painting done - just waiting on one more gallon of paint and we're finished with that little task. I'll have pictures tomorrow.

I got some soldering done (above) on a batch of ornaments for The Home of the Perfect Christmas Tree store. Here's a batch of other ornaments waiting for solder.
And here's a before picture for a fun project Jo and I did together. Crafting together with Jo! Something I haven't done in ages! We'll finish tomorrow and I'll post pictures. Until then you can wonder about this hideous thing.Ah yes. . . tomorrow. I thought I was in an ornament show tomorrow - but I got the date wrong. The show isn't November 2nd - it's November 22nd. So I have ANOTHER unexpected day of productivity tomorrow. Inconceivable! I'm going to (almost) finish painting the new house, solder another batch of ornaments, finish some holiday tins, finish my project with Jo, and possibly finish up a new pattern I've been working up. Fun times!


Niki,  November 2, 2008 at 11:13 AM  

Uh, does the ornament show date change mean you're not coming home for Thanksgiving?

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