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>> Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time for some siding derring-do!

With some loaner scaffolding set up, we were ready to start putting up the next two levels of Hardipanel siding. We got a start last Thursday, working our way along the back of the house over toward the third floor porch. The scaffolding we have only gets us to the bottom of the third story, but hey--if we can't work up, we can work down!

Yes, that's Alan hammering siding on between his legs. You won't see that on HGTV.

Nor, probably, will you see this:

That shot's not so dizzying as it felt, but this next shot gives you a better idea how high up it was--


But Alan survived.

A little more dangerous was using a kitchen step-stool on top of the scaffolding. We had to do this to be able to reach the top of the fourth row of siding.

Just don't tell our parents we were doing this!

Ah yes, and the always safe hammering across your body while standing on a kitchen step-ladder on top of borrowed scaffolding floored with garden timber. Wendi took these pictures so she could explain what happened to the coroner.

Thankfully, the evidence won't be used in any coroner's inquest in the near future. Instead, when everything was said and done, the results were pretty fantastic.



More siding!

We made it to the end of the fourth row on the south side of the house, but we didn't have it in us to haul that scaffolding around the corner to the front today. It proved to be a wise decision--the rains that chased us from our work on Saturday began just as we were putting our tools away.

Our favorite tool? Easily the mallet, which allows us to, ahem, beat misaligned siding into place. Not that we have to do that often. Really.

That's the end of the house work for the next few days as Wendi hits the road again, but we're moving right along, and hope to get back to it by next weekend, weather permitting!


TN-Tanuki April 27, 2008 at 7:22 PM  

You really should be webcasting this via YouTube or something. I see the newest home improvement reality star! Things are looking amazing, guys!

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