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>> Sunday, February 3, 2008

I've been admiring all the greatness happening at the Tie One On apron challenges for a long time - but I didn't get my act together enough to actually make an apron until this time. This time the theme was polka dots - and I love polka dots. When Alan and I were talking about opening a children's bookstore we were going to name it Polka Dot Books. So I had to make a polka dot apron. And when I think polka dots, I think white dots on a black background. As luck would have it - I just found more of this classic print at my fabric store. I bought every inch left on the bolt.

So - a polka dot apron in a flattering A-line cut. Pockets are an apron-must. I continued the polka dot theme by making BIG round pockets. These are actually giant yo-yos. Just for fun.

Jo took the picture because Alan was out of town. Not bad, eh? I'm standing in the under-construction kitchen because the current kitchen is too awful to photograph - even if all you see is a tiny sliver in the background. See those red and blue lines in the background? That's plumbing, my friends. Plumbing! The rough-in is complete, so heat-pex for the radiant heat will be next. . .

And be sure to check out all the rest of the polka dotted lovelies here. They are fabulous! This one is my favorite. And there's a pattern available!

Speaking of patterns - check out my new and improved website with downloadable patterns available. See those shopping cart buttons? I made them myself! I had a problem emailing the large PDFs to a lovely (and patient) lady in Australia - and I knew the problem was sure to come up again - so I figured out this option. You click to buy and as soon as your payment is complete, it takes you to a new window where you can click to download your pattern. Fancy and high-tech - that's me. :-)


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