Gratz Industries HQ: Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters

>> Monday, September 10, 2007

Sorry. I've been waiting for weeks to use that headline. Give yourself extra points if you get that reference. (Without the click-thru to Wikipedia, of course.)
Monday was roof day! Well, partially.

Early in the day we could see that one of the roof beams was going up, so I poked my head out the front door of our temporary digs and snapped a couple of in-progress shots.

Then after we returned from a trip down to Asheville, we snuck out to get some close-ups:

It was another scaffolding day - this time to reach the peak of the house.

Where four of the long special-ordered boards meet and descend to the four corners of the house.

But the roof beams weren't the only thing the carpenters raised today. They also got around to putting up the wall of windows that looks down from the third floor porch into Wendi's studio. Very cool.

And they also built the little toilet room in the master bedroom. After many years of shaving, showering, and brushing our teeth next to the toilet, we wanted it more isolated from our ablutions. Now it gets its own water closet, while the double sinks will be out in the bedroom and the shower will be enclosed in the opposite corner.

More roof beams tomorrow, Seymour!


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