Gratz Industries HQ: Here Comes the Rain Again

>> Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The tropical storm to the east brought a little rain our way, but not before the guys got some of the rafters installed.

These will be trimmed down, but it makes for a nice picture. I'm hanging out the window in the rain for this shot. I just want you to know what lengths I go to for you.

And here's where those boards start!

Cool, huh? These are the rafters above the master bedroom.

The next day we had blue skies, and the guys went to town.

Wendi laid down where the bed will be to see what the ceiling will look like. Jo laid on her tummy to see what the floor looked like.

A corner full of rafters.

And a peak of rafters.

One more quadrant to go - the hard one, over the two story hole.

And the long shot! Tune in tomorrow for more adventures in roofing.


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