Gratz Industries HQ: Wall-toWall Carpentering

>> Tuesday, August 14, 2007

All right, if I don't get these pictures up tonight, I think I'll have a small mutiny on my hands. Great progress on the house today, as you can see!

The morning began with the construction of the second long wall of the first floor--the one that holds our door and three windows.

Again, no action shots of it being raised--my Herculean strength was called upon again to help heft the thing into place. Despite having windows and a door, this one was actually heavier! I think it has something to do with all the reinforcement around them. But isn't that a thing of beauty? The door in the corner is going to be our main door.

Here the plastic coating has been cut away from the windows, giving the first view of, well, the big pile of sand in our front yard. You can also see that they've built the third wall--the one that will eventually hold our fireplace.

And up she goes! The windows on this wall are taller and thinner, to flank what will be the fireplace in the center.

After the guys were gone, I got outside and climbed around. With the walls up it's really beginning to feel homey.

The front door, seen from what will be the kitchen. The big windowless space is windowless on purpose--that's where the staircase is going to go.

A close up of the front door.

The living room, as seen from the porch.

The view of the sand pile from the living room.

Again, the living room--this the wall that will have the fireplace--as seen from what will be our library.

A lovely view of the auxiliary construction parking lot outside.

And back in through the window from outside.

A look at the outside with a bit more perspective . . .

And the big picture. The guys expected the concrete truck to be here today, but the Explosives Supply Company didn't make it. Word is the truck will come at 7:10 a.m. tomorrow--which means another early morning for me. Stay tuned for more pics tomorrow!


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