Gratz Industries HQ: Prepare to be Floored

>> Sunday, August 12, 2007

Exciting progress this past week: the concrete floor was poured!

Once again our friends at the Explosives Supply Company provided the cement. Dy-no-mite!

Shane and Kenny work the double wheel-barrows - the cement for the kitchen floor will have to be hand-delivered. But not far.

Once the block foundation is filled, they smooth the lump of wet stone with a long board that's worked slowly from one end to the other.

This was a job for not one, but TWO Explosives Supply trucks!

When the entire floor was finished and allowed to harden, they went to work on it with this strange contraption. It had fan blades on the bottom, which spun on the surface of the cement like a metal buffing machine.

The next day, we got outside to take a closer look.

Bolts were placed around the foundation, where we presume they'll attach the frame.

Next up - the lumber!


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