Gratz Industries HQ: Joist for kicks

>> Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ah, the second floor joists. What a wonderfully visual advancement on the home!

In one day, the guys managed to get the entire second floor joisted. If that's a word. Here you can see the joists over the kitchen.

And here over the living room.

That empty space you can see off to the right is the open space from one floor to the other. Both the first and second floors have one quadrant that's open to the floor above. They'll have walls, of course, so Jo and her clumsy daddy won't go wandering off to our dooms, but they will be low walls that will allow light and air to filter up and down.

The porch got its corner pole as well, replacing those temporary posts from before.

Tomorrow . . . who knows? The plywood flooring for level two? That seems logical. Updates to come . . .


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