Gratz Industries HQ: Heatpex on a Hot Day

>> Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Once the sand was leveled out, it was time to lay down the Heatpex. Hot work on a day where the thermometer got up into the 90s. (And I'm sure working on top of that black plastic sheet didn't make it any cooler.)

Heatpex is a flexible, reinforced metallic/plastic pipe that will carry hot water through the concrete floor, giving us radiant heat. The technology has come along way, and we're told it's almost foolproof - which it better be, as it gets buried in a few inches of concrete.

The red and black are the same kind of pipe just, well, different colors. The red will be one zone, and the black another. The guys didn't have time to finish the last half zone, it looks like - the part that will heat the kitchen.

Next up - pouring the concrete slab!


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