Vashti Project, Day 8

>> Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today we got messy with our dots. Messy - but simple. This was a really fun one.
Draw a circle on a piece of paper (we used card stock for the extra heft). Squeeze out some glue along that line. Cut a long strip of yarn and glue it down to make a circle. Keep adding glue and spiraling in with the yarn - butting it up as close as possible to the previous circle. Change colors whenever you feel like it. And here they are.Jo has recently started adding a smiley face to the O in her signature. Today the smiley became a person and the person became a family. The hearts are to show they love each other. Jo was very careful to point out that slash under the heart next to her (she's the one in the middle) is just her arm - it doesn't mean she doesn't love us.And here's mine. Jo thinks it looks like an Easter egg and maybe we should make egg-shaped ones for Easter.


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