Home Alone 2: Day Three

>> Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A quality writing day, if not a quantity writing day. I've abandoned hope of completing the manuscript by Friday, mostly because I see more time-eating tasks on the horizon: like the possibility of having to walk all the way BACK to the service station to pick up my car tomorrow. I may have a ride, but it depends on his schedule. I had hoped to go into Asheville tomorrow night to get a pizza and play trivia (I came in second among eleven teams the last time I was home alone and earned a $30.00 gift certificate!) but that plan will be scrapped if it means walking two hours to pick up the car. I love Mellow Mushroom pizza (and those who know me know what an understatement that is) but I don't think I would walk two hours and drive another two hours there and back for one.

We also have the tree guy coming tomorrow. Regrettably, a couple of trees have to be taken down to make way for our new house - but fear not! We'll plant far more than we cut down on this lot. I also still have to sign a contract and get our blueprints okayed by a building inspector, which I ALSO hoped to do tomorrow.

Did I mention I wanted to actually do some writing tomorrow too?

Okay, here are your daily lotto numbers:

Days home alone: 3

Chapters written: 4

Pages written: 30

Wii baseball: Within 200 points of pro

Wii bowling: Bowled four games; maintained pro status

Wii tennis: Still pretty hopeless

Wii golf: Shot another 3 under; maintained pro status

Mellow Mushroom pizzas eaten: Still just 1

Miles walked: Still just 5, thank goodness


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