Home Alone 2: Day Six

>> Friday, July 20, 2007

Well, this week didn't turn out anything like I had hoped. I got a lot of writing done on the front end, but very little (read: none) on the back end. Wednesday and Thursday were a wash due to home things combined with preparations for my weekend speaking engagement at the Harriette Austin Writers Conference in Athens, Georgia. Today has been spent on the phone and on the e-mail, "taking care of business" as the King used to say. I also have to pack for the trip, and make the last adjustments to my Hagrid costume for tonight's Harry Potter release party at Malaprop's! I'll post pictures if and when I can.

In the meantime, here's a great review of Samurai Shortstop on Gail Gauthier's blog, Original Content. Enjoy!

And here are your totals for the week:

Days home alone: 6

Chapters written: 4

Pages written: 30

Average pages per day: A sorry 5 pages per day

Wii baseball: Within 50 points of pro

Wii bowling: Bowled eight games; maintained pro status

Wii tennis: Still pretty hopeless

Wii golf: Shot another 3 under and a 2 under; maintained pro status

Mellow Mushroom pizzas eaten: 2

Miles walked: 5.25 - I walked down to the mail box today


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