Vashti Project, Day 2

>> Monday, June 11, 2007

I think day one of the Vashti Project must have been successful - the first thing Jo said to me the next morning was, "What kind of dots are we going to make today?" So for day two we did a fun thing with melted crayons.

We covered our electric pancake griddle with aluminum foil and set it on the lowest setting. While that warmed up we cut circles out of plain white paper. Then we pulled out our container of crayon stubs (now I know why we never threw those away!) and removed any paper wraps that still remained. We drew shapes and swirls with the crayons on the aluminum foil, letting the colors melt together. When we liked the look of things we made prints by dropping the paper circles on the melted wax, lifting them up, and letting them cool.
After we had printed all of our dots we pulled out a bunch of construction paper and played around, deciding which dots looked better on which colors. Then we glued them down and signed them. Here are our favorites.


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