Build a Quilt - finally

>> Saturday, June 16, 2007

Remember the Ten Quilt Project? I showed pictures of the stack here but I finally took some pictures of them hanging.
Here's the thinking behind Build a Quilt Squares. Each square is its own quilt, but you can combine squares to make larger compositions. So here's an example.
Start with a Checkmate block.
Add another block and you get something different. You could hang them so the blocks are touching in order to really play up the way new shapes are created where the blocks touch.
Add a third and you get something nice and tall and skinny.

Or a long horizontal row.
Or make a block of four squares.
Or as many squares as you want. Fun, eh?
These aren't nicely cropped yet - and you really have to ignore the ugly trim in our temporary house. Hopefully we'll get official (and prettier) pics on my website soon.


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