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>> Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just ran across a great blog post in which the kids at DCenters - a blog that follows the ups and downs of DC United soccer - fill out a soccer line-up with characters from Shakespeare. Check out some of the players on their All Shakespeare Starting XI:

GK Brutus (Julius Caesar) – Your keeper should be cool, unflappable, like Brutus, who won't take a night off even if his wife kills herself by swallowing fire.

CF Macbeth – He can strike and finish, but plays withdrawn constantly checking back for the ball and looking for players ghosting out on runs. Occasionally overconfident, when he scores it's a dagger to the opposition.

ST Othello – Charges headlong on whatever Iago sends him to chase, occasionally acts too quickly for his own good, but that's what you want in a striker.

(Bench) M Hamlet -- Transfer listed, he never seems to have settled in and lacks confidence in his decision making. May have been affected by the death of his father, it is hoped that a transfer back to Elsinore FC where he'll be closer to mother and girlfriend (Bianca.... er, Ophelia) will provide him the comfort level to flourish.

(Bench) M Ariel (The Tempest) – Sometimes you need a bit of magic on the ball, and Ariel is a great choice. Excellent at winning midfield headers, like most Elemental Internationals.

(Injured Reserve) M Richard III – Leg and back problems plaguing this potential star, rumors of a bad attitude also surround him.

Too funny. Click here to see the entire line-up. (via Deadspin)


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