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>> Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Alan's certainly been a busy blogger lately - I know it looks like I haven't done anything, but that's just because I've been on the road for work almost nonstop and it doesn't really work to take my sewing machine with me (yes - I have tried it but hotel rooms are not laid out for sewing). Anyway - I have been working and I do have news.
Drum roll please. . .
Grovewood Gallery - only the BEST gallery in Asheville, NC - is carrying my work! That's right folks. They took the red Wonky Squares that will appear in Simple Contemporary Quilts (coming soon from Lark Books), Sprinkles (to show a customer who may want it in a larger size), and they want one more - so that's one more wonderful thing on my to do list. I'm auditioning some of the colors we talked about here.

Speaking of my to do list - I have finished two of the Ten-Quilt-Project. I call them Build a Quilt squares. These are small (17" x 17") quilts stretched on wooden frames and designed to stand alone or play well with others. Please ignore the incredibly ugly trim in the picture - this is just a temporary house. We keep repeating that over and over. . .

Finally, I've sold a couple more small projects to Lark Books that have to stay secret because they want them to be new when the book comes out. So no pictures but they will be very cute. I promise.
See? I've been working. Just not very good about sharing.


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