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>> Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Right before leaving Atlanta, I received my author copies of the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine that includes my short story, "To Honor Ichiko and Defend Japan"! It's the June issue (the one with the rooster cover, at left), but it's on newsstands now! Don't miss your chance to read the closest I'll ever come to writing a sequel to Samurai Shortstop. It's not a sequel, of course - it doesn't even use the same characters. But as I was writing Samurai Shortstop, I kept thinking that the school, Ichiko, would make a great setting for a murder mystery. That story kept nagging at me, and I finally wrote it and sent it off. And Hitchcock's bought it! It's a pleasure and an honor. Hope you enjoy the story!

I'm not listed on the cover, but I'm mentioned on the AHMM web site listed above. As my mom was quick to point out, I'm mentioned in the same paragraph as Robert Parker and Anton Chekov.


TN-Tanuki April 12, 2007 at 12:39 PM  

Big WooHoo to you!!! I'm rushing out post-haste and acquiring a copy this minute. Can't wait to read it. Way to go, stud!

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