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>> Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jo was in full crafting mode as she made Valentines for everyone in her class. She has a heart-shaped paper punch that she used to make hearts to glue on to each Valentine - lots of fun. The gluing? Not so much. About halfway through the gluing she started telling me about her idea for a machine that has lots of little holes for the glue to squirt out onto all the Valentines at once, and then lots of pointy metal arms would come out and pick up the little hearts and stick them to the Valentines. My daughter the inventor.

She perked up again when we got to the red glitter glue and she carefully drew pictures with it on every Valentine. These may look like random squiggles, but she told me in some detail what was in every picture. One large blob of glitter was a cake, another was a pile of sand and mud. Her favorite (and the on she brought back home with her) was this one with "a balloon floating in the breeze."


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