The Children's Festival of Reading

>> Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Saturday, June 3rd wasn't just the 34th anniversary of my friend Paul's birthday. (Welcome to 34, Paul!) That Saturday also marked the second annual Children's Festival of Reading in Knoxville, Tennessee, sponsored by the Knox County Public Library.

It was a gorgeous early summer day in K-town, with a strong, constant breeze and lots of sunshine. I was one of perhaps ten authors collected in a signing tent that was surrounded by dozens more smaller tents with booths sponsored by many of Knoxville's child-oriented non-profit groups. My three and a half year old daughter had a terrific time painting pictures, hearing stories, watching puppet shows, and eating treats.

The crowd - and it was a big crowd - was much younger than my book's intended audience. The picture book author down the way was moving far more books than me, but I got to talk to a lot of families, and I handed out a lot of school visit fliers to teachers. I hope those fliers bring in some calls for the fall!

Perhaps the best part of the day was meeting some folks I had previously only known via cyberspace:

Helen Hemphill, author of Long Gone Daddy

and Kerry Madden, author of Gentle's Holler.

I picked up signed copies of both their books, and after the festival Wendi and I spent a very enjoyable hour or so at the Sunspot grabbing a bite and talking shop with one-time Knoxvillian and current LA-LA-lander Kerry.

I was also fortunate (once again, through alphabetical luck) to sit next to Gentleman Jack Gantos. (For some reason Blogger isn't letting me add a fourth pic today, so I can't show you my picture of him!) He had a constant stream of visitors at his booth all afternoon, and apparently held the attentions of an otherwise noisy and chaotic festival when he was on the stage giving a reading.

Thanks to the Knoxville Children's Festival of Reading, and to everyone who came out that day!


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