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>> Friday, April 14, 2006

It seems like there's good news every day here at Samurai Shortstop HQ, but there are two great notices of late I had to pass along:

First, "Goddess of YA Literature" Teri Lesesne writes about Samurai Shortstop on her blog, saying:

I must admit that I enjoyed this book more than I thought possible from the title and cover. It is absorbing and the details about samurai and Japanese history and besu boro (baseball) help the reader enter fully into Toyo's world.

I've had a number of comments like this on Samurai Shortstop, and I take them as complete compliments. The Samurai Shortstop title and cover have definite "boy appeal," so I don't expect folks who are not baseball or samurai fans to be initially excited. What pleases me is that once readers get into the book, they're raving about it. The cover will bring reluctant readers, and I hope the strength of the book will continue to find an even broader readership.

In other news, my new Dial editor Liz Waniewski reports today that Samurai Shortstop has already gone back for a second printing! This is incredible, as the book hasn't even gone on sale yet. My all-knowing wife Wendi explains that this means Samurai is "selling in well," which means that many bookstores are placing orders, and Dial anticipates needing more copies to fill reorders if and when those books sell at the cash register.

That was our initial goal with the book - to sell out the first printing - and it looks like we're already a great deal of the way there. Maybe it's time for a new goal, like getting that second book sold!


Paul April 15, 2006 at 10:36 AM  

Awesome news. But does this mean that it's too late to get get a friggin' first edition!?

Also, I read the review of the woman you wrote about above. Did you see the exchange in the comments section?

And are you coming to Philly to peddle your wares?

Alan April 15, 2006 at 11:02 PM  

No worries. "Selling in well" just means many stores will be carrying the book - it doesn't mean any of them have technically "sold" yet. I'll need people to buy my friggin' first edition a few thousand times over before those less valuable second editions ever see the light of shelves. You should be able to stock up on first editions for resale on eBay.

I did read the comments on the Goddess of YA Lit blog - and you remind me to go back and see if there's anything new. That book blog is widely read, so I can only hope that even the comments are helping people get excited about Samurai.

As to a Philly trip, I e-mailed the Dial publicity department and asked if they could arrange anything for a Philly/NY trip, but heard nothing back. Looks like a visit to the City of Brotherly Love is out. You'll have to scout the bookstores around Blacksburg for me . . .

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