A good day

>> Friday, January 27, 2006

This morning, Jo and I took Atlanta's mass-transit train - MARTA - downtown to the Fox Theater. Unfortunately, tickets for Wicked, which comes to Atlanta on tour in May, were sold out for every show. We knew when tickets went on sale in December that we had better be quick, but we had to wait and see when, among other things, my book launch at Carpe Librum in Knoxville would be. May is going to be a busy month, what with the book coming out and all, and the delays in scheduling were our undoing for getting tickets to see Wicked. I suppose we'll have to wait for the inevitable movie.

But I said it was a good day, and I wasn't lying. I learned today that Ingram, America's largest book distributor, is going to be sending galleys of Samurai Shortstop out to their top 200 YA librarians as a part of a regular package of featured titles. In addition, I was contacted by the editorial manager of Ingram's Children's and Teen e-newsletter, which goes out to librarians across the country. They're going to do an interview with me about Samurai! Librarians are very good people to know, and I'm really grateful to my good friends at Ingram for are helping me spread the word.

This afternoon we ate at Mellow Mushroom and hit Borders - always a good outing - and then came home to have cake and open my present - "Batman: The Animated Series, Season Four."

Oh, did I mention it's my birthday? Told you it was a good day.


Fabricationist,  January 30, 2006 at 3:33 PM  

Well, I missed it again. It sounds like you had a good one though. I wonder, and you know I'm firmly in the same boat, what you do with all of those meticulous VHS copies of Batman? One would think you could glue them together and make a rather fetching coffee table.

Alan January 30, 2006 at 3:56 PM  

No worries - when was the last time I remembered yours!? I'm terrible about such things. Last year, I made a point of writing down my parents' birthdays on my calendar and transferring them onto the new calendar in January so I won't forget. I'm a horrible friend/son/brother/etc.

As to the issue of Batman cassettes, we have already unloaded them. When I was sure WB was going to keep putting out season sets of B:TAS on a regular basis, I made the call. We stuffed all the VHS cassettes - along with EVERY EPISODE of Star Trek: The Next Generation! - into big bags and sold them off at garage sales for like a dollar a bag. As you say, what more can really be done with them? Has there been a ReadyMade challenge for what to do with old VHS cassettes yet? If not, I'm sure we could have made a room full of VHS furniture.

Now, if those rumors of Brisco County, Jr. on DVD would ever come true (this summer, perhaps!?), and if whoever owns the rights would collect MST3K in season sets rather than individual episodes would just get off their collective asses, I could be done with video cassettes once and for all!

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