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>> Sunday, March 16, 2008

Alan's been the one doing all the posting lately because I've been. . .

a) sick
b) traveling for work
c) making a couple of things but not taking any pictures because I haven't finished anything
d) all of the above

If you guessed d you're right. I've been traveling a lot, sick most of the time, and waiting for an order of ribbon to be delivered so I can finish (and take pictures of) some of the kajillion aprons I've been making. But I felt mostly human this weekend so I finally got started on a project I've been needing to tackle because it's due at the end of this month.

Jo's school has a really cool auction every year to raise money. A lot of the parents are artists who donate nice work, but there are also donations of free eye exams (from the eye doctor dad), free pet physical and boarding (from the vet mom), etc. Last year we started at the school too late to donate anything - though I did buy a massage. This year I offered to make a complete wardrobe for an American Girl doll. I finally got started today and here's what we have so far.

Meet Kit. Years ago, when we lived in Cincinnati, I was a buyer at Joseph-Beth Booksellers and the lovely folks at Pleasant Company were launching a new American Girl - Depression-era Kit Kittredge from Cincinnati. I did an early review of Kit's books and they sent me this doll as thanks. Now she has an all-new outfit.The shirt was looking a little plain after I made it so I added this little embroidered sun. A very sunny outfit for a dreary, windy day.
Jo loved the tiered skirt. I've made these for Jo in the past but I kind of hate doing it because those ruffles are a major pain. No more! I am now the proud owner of a gathering foot . Wow! What a difference the right tool makes! Add this to the list of tools I should have bought a long time ago.
Since I've been on an apron kick lately I decided to make Kit an apron too. Jo LOVES this bubble fabric and I thought it was a great choice for an apron.
Jo also wanted Kit to have an apron she could paint in - something about enrolling her in an art class for while they're at Daytona Beach - where does she get this stuff? I finally asked her how she knew about Daytona Beach and she reminded me that Supergirl mentioned it in an episode of Justice League Unlimited. OK then. Here's an art apron made from oilcloth. It should be a bit wider but I'll fix that on future versions. Alan also said it needs a pocket, so I'll be adding that too.
So see? I haven't been doing absolutely nothing. Of course, I'm getting ready to hit the road again so evening sewing will grind to another halt.


Write2ignite March 19, 2008 at 7:24 PM  

Nicely done! I can't follow a pattern to save my neck -- but I wish I could.

I like the skirt, too. My kids would love to have a "life-size" version!


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