Gratz Industries HQ: Finishing Touches

>> Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Time for your house update fix! Now that I'm back, we'll have more frequent updates. (Ahem.)

It's finishing touches time.The windows are in but the doors--both traditional and garage-type--are not. We expect those this week. But the roof is complete!

Inside, some little things are being finished up, like the odd triangular wall created by the hipped roof.

One side of the sheathing--and a tiny top part of the other side--to go.

The interior third floor bedroom walls got their sheathing too. You used to be able to look out through the wall joists of the bathroom there into the trees. Now it's a bit more private.

The trash heap outside is growing! We've asked Marvin if we can have this. There's a lot of good scrap here. I know I can at least make a wood shed out of some of it, and we may possibly be able to complete some of the work that will remain under the eaves with some of the plywood sheathing scraps piled up inside. Waste not, want not!


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